Food Grade Milling Beater Plate

Toll Milling

Particle Control offers toll milling as a contracted service for reducing the particle size of dry materials. We start by determining what results we can achieve for our customers. By doing a test run or referring to our database of jobs from the past 30 years, we can determine operational cost and particle spec distribution. When all run requirements are determined and agreed upon, your run will be scheduled promptly.

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Additional Info:

  • We can reduce particle sizes down to 100% through 325 U.S. mesh (42 um).
  • We handle virtually any size of run, from 500 to a million plus pounds a year.
  • In combination with air classification and screening, we can achieve specific particle distributions.
  • Got a specific need? Call us and we will work on achieving your goal. We are willing to work with customers either by capital investment, R&D, or other methods.